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Probate & Estate Help Queens & NYC

The Law Offices Of Roman Aminov is an experienced estate law and probate law firm in Queens, NY. They have years of experience helping clients planning their future the right way. They help people understand everything they need to know about writing a will. They will help you understand the intricacies of estate law. They will help make the probate process after death easier. They also provide elder law services like medicaid planning, long term healthcare planning and much more.

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So what are you waiting for? Hiring a Queens Chamber probate lawyer which you can trust to deal with claiming you assets is absolutely critical. After a loved one passes away there is simply too much to deal with. Waiting around the court system all day in an effort to attain your rightful estate should not be an option for you.

Estate Planning Checklist For Wills

Estate planning is an intimidating task that some people prefer to avoid. Except Everybody needs to prepare for estate planning sooner rather than later. To help get the ball rolling, here is a checklist that can help take care of you and your family through a will, power of attorney, living will, and more.
  1. Create your will and list down who you want to receive your properties and assets. Appoint a guardian for your minor children just in case something happens to you. Make sure to discuss things with who you appoint ahead of time.
  2. Consider holding your property in a living trust so that your family members will not have to go through the probate process.
  3. Write your healthcare directives. If you are terminal or have a degenerative medical condition, plan for a time when you cannot make medical decisions for yourself anymore. A health care directive may include a "living will" and power of attorney to give someone the right to make decisions for your medical or health care on your behalf.
  4. Make arrangements for financial power of attorney and assign a trusted person to handle your finances should you become incapacitated or cannot handle your own affairs.
  5. Name someone to manage your properties and take care of your young children and to hold the funds they will inherit from you.
  6. To avoid the hassle of probate, file beneficiary forms and name your bank accounts, retirement plans and other funds to be "payable on death" to the assigned beneficiary so that it is easier to claim.
  7. Life insurance may prove to be a good idea when you have a house and may be indebted to various debts or estate tax after you die.
  8. Protect your business by creating a succession plan when you are the only one handling and managing your business. If you have a partnership, have a buyout agreement.
  9. Learn about estate taxes. Some states impose estate tax upon death if the taxable estate is above $5 million.
  10. For your funeral plans, consider a payable-on-death account at your bank to help cover up the funeral expenses.
  11. Your executor or your attorney-in-fact should have access to the documents that you have prepared. Among these documents are your trusts, will, insurance policies, certificates (stocks, annuities, bonds), real estate deeds, and information regarding your bank accounts, mutual funds, retirement plans, IRAs, debts, credit cards, funeral prepayment plans, etc.
  12. Make sure you include important details such as joint bank accounts and who else owns them. Not addressing estate planning can lead to a judge appointing your asset's administrator or executor who will then decide how to distribute your assets. For obvious reasons, having a stranger make decisions on your loved one’s assets can upset the deceased’s family members.

Estate planning in Queens, NYC is challenging as most people are uncomfortable thinking about death. Though taking control of matters and knowing just what will happen will provide a comforting feeling like no other. It’ll actually remove stress rather than cause it.

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Probate & Estate Help Queens & NYC

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